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CFD: Complete guide for traders

CFDs, which stands for Contracts for Difference, are one of the most innovative and interesting tools for those who want to play the stock market and trade online. They are a relative novelty in the financial world, which has opened the doors of the most interesting markets to those who, until a few years ago,

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CFD: safe trading guide

A CFD (Contract for diffence) is an acronym for contract for diffence and is currently the most widely used derivative instrument for online trading. It is a contract between two parties, the trader and a broker, which expresses the price difference of a market asset. The difference is expressed between the purchase and closing price

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CFD Trading

Not everyone knows this, but with CFD trading you have the opportunity to become a real financial trader directly online. Even today there is a tendency to think that the stock exchange and financial markets are precluded to people who do common trades such as waiter, bartender or clerk. Fortunately this is no longer the