What to invest in 2020? Top investments

Where to invest in 2020? This is the big question that everyone is asking and which is sometimes difficult to answer. There is no such thing as a miracle investment. An investment may work for you, but not for someone else. The goal is to know your profile and to choose the investment that will be most profitable for you. The best investments of 2019 will not necessarily be those of 2020. You will understand that there is no easy answer to this question. However, Tacotax has prepared a small list of the best investment solutions for you in 2020. A good way to refine your research and get your foot in the door in terms of investment. Be vigilant, always take into account your objectives and your personal situation, these two components will allow you to make the best decisions. Follow the guide! 

Where to invest your money in 2020?

At the risk of surprise, there is no “the most profitable investment in the world  ” that outperforms all others and suits everyone. Investing your money and finding the best investment for 2020 means above all knowing your financial situation and horizons, your objectives, your appetite for risk, your expectations of profit, etc. But that’s not all: investment sectors are affected by market trends, and they themselves are directly affected by geopolitical and economic news. However, at this point, 2020 promises to be busy: Brexit, US elections, tensions in the Middle East, upcoming trade negotiations, etc. So many interruptions are felt in the markets, even if their reactions remain moderate.

What is the best investment at this time?

There is no such thing as the “best investment right now  ”: investing means planning ahead and not thinking “in the moment” but in 10, 15, 30 years. A profitable investment sector in 2019 may turn out to be loss-making in 2020. “Investing your money” means first and foremost defining your objectives and priorities. Investment can meet different objectives:

  • prepare for your retirement  ; 
  • invest your capital;
  • obtain additional income;
  • prepare your succession;
  • protect their loved ones;
  • optimize your financial investments ;
  • diversify your heritage ; 
  • tax exemption;

Ask yourself the question differently: what kind of investments do you need? Do you want to reduce your taxes as a priority? Create a financial bond for retirement? Increase your income? Do you have savings available when you need them? Depending on the reasons, you will have to choose different investments.

What do you invest in to make money?

Who is it for? Investors with some liquidity to invest and who are looking for investment solutions that generate regular income, without restrictions or management risks.

What is it? Societies Civiles de Placement Immobilier (SCPI) is a financial vehicle that provides access to the tertiary property market (offices, shops, warehouses, etc.) in Britain. The advantage? All rental management is supported by the company. In particular, investors buy shares in SCPI (the entry ticket may vary depending on the company). The sums collected are used to finance the building stock, which is rented out to professionals.

Experts also recommend investing across borders, in Germany for example. Flexible assets, with no management restrictions, SCPI units offer the investor much more freedom than a traditional direct acquisition. To increase your income in 2020, bet on performance SCPIs. Note that to be profitable, your SCPI shares must be held for at least 10 years.

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