Google: how the technology giant reached its current level and why to invest in the company

Used by virtually everyone with Internet access, Google is a technology company that is among the largest companies in the world, with an estimated market value of over £1 trillion.

In 2020, the giant celebrates its 16th anniversary on the stock market, with an accumulated revaluation of 3.530% since the IPO. 

When it debuted on the stock exchange, its shares were trading at GBP 85 – with corrections, today they would be around GBP 43. In 2020, the shares went from the GBP 1,544.61 range.

I’m sure this is one of the companies that is most part of your routine, whether at work, in the studio or in entertainment. It is not by chance that it is related to the death of encyclopedias.

In practice, Google has turned its right arm, because it stores billions of data that are available to you in a matter of seconds. 

Whether it is to understand the meaning of a term, to know the translation of a word, to discover a recipe, to search for suppliers or to access any website and answer any questions, Google is the natural way.

You know this, because you use Google every day, but is it worth investing in this company? 

In this article, we will present the main highlights of this giant of the world economy and also explain how to buy Google shares.

Who is Google?  

 The Google is a technology company founded on September 4, 1998, and that goes beyond the browser that always access you have to do some research.

The history of the company that today is in the top 3 of the most valuable in the world began in a garage, back in 1995.

The founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. When Page entered Stanford College, Brin was given the task of showing the campus. From this relationship was born the giant that is now Google.

From photo storage, video platforms, research sites and smart phone operating systems, Google is present in many ways in our daily lives. Following the article, we will explain the company’s main products and services.

Google or Alphabet?

What some people don’t know is that the owner of Google shares is Alphabet. 

Alphabet is a holding company, which became the new owner of Google when it bought its shares. When this happened, Google Inc. became Alphabet Inc.

As a result, Google shares on the stock exchange are held by Alphabet, but for the same amount. You can see that, when searching for “Google shares”, you will find the name of Alphabet, but with the Google Ticker (GOOG and GOOGL).

Google History

Google’s story began when Sergey Brin, a Stanford University student, was given the task of showing the university to the new student, Larry Page.

A year later, the two partnered to develop a technology for researching through links. From there, they started working in the university residence.

The first search engine was called BackRub, but soon after that it went to Google. 

The name is a word game with the mathematical expression called Googol. It represents the number 1 accompanied by 100 zeros.

Its aim was to make this mechanism accessible and organized for all. 

Years later, Google attracted the attention of investors from the academic community and Silicon Valley.

With the investments, in August 1998, Google Inc. was officially founded. With that, the duo moved out of the dormitory and went to work in a garage for Susan Wojcicki, who is now the CEO of YouTube.

From then on, it was just growth. The company, which was only a search engine, launched new services, products and platforms.

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Discover Google’s products and services, illustration 

Google goes far beyond the search engine. Since its foundation, the company has evolved a lot and increased its portfolio. Let’s understand together how it is part of your daily life even more than you think?

Get to know the services, products and platforms that are also from Google, or Alphabet.


The most famous and visited video platform in the world is also from Google. YouTube was founded on February 14, 2005 and is based in San Mateo, California.

There are other services within the YouTube platform:

  • YouTube Go
  • YouTube Kids
  • Music from Youtube
  • YouTube originals
  • YouTube Premium
  • YouTube Studio
  • YouTube TV

TV programmes and Google Play movies

This is a service that allows you to buy or rent films and television programmes. Simply install the application on your smartphone or TV with Chromecast (which is also from Google) to access available titles.

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